Of true luxury

Excessive affluence. Softener for the character. Doomed spawn of decadence. Or yet a timelessness that transcends fashion? Anyone who thinks about the concept of luxury - as we do here - quickly realises how divided opinions are. One thing is beyond question: no sooner had human societies formed than luxury entered the world stage. 
Status symbols, whatever they may have looked like, served to demonstrate power and wealth. What exactly counts as luxury was a reflection of the respective epoch. Hard to imagine today, but there were times when sugar, a book or running water were considered signs of exuberant wealth. 

Luxury as a child of its time

Luxury would not be luxury if it were not for its opponents: religion, ethics and philosophy have repeatedly brought the concepts of moderation, renunciation and frugality into play throughout human history. Sometimes more, sometimes less successfully. It almost seems as if this striving for more, this yearning for the seemingly superfluous, is deeply anchored in the human being. Whether it is the desire for belonging or that for separation, the desire for reward, the presentation of one's own values or the exaltation of one's own self: The motives for our consumption of luxury vary and are currently changing rapidly. This is clearly reflected in the thesis of the "New Luxury". According to this theory, the times of glitz, glamour and ostentation are passé (at least in westernised societies). Instead of a product, the experience is in the foreground, pure materialism is replaced by the pursuit of meaning. A quote by Giorgio Armani becomes particularly exciting in this context: "Luxury means timelessness that transcends fashion". Are the new luxury concepts just a fashion of our time or yet a paradigm shift in the world of the exclusive?
What is missing has its value 

Whether old concept or new models, one thing is inherent in the essence of luxury: it arises from a lack. Or to put it another way: what is scarce or lacking becomes luxury in some form or other. What are these things (or no things) in our epoch? We don't have to think too long to come up with the keywords time, rest, devotion and nature. In a world where events overflow and the soul can only lag behind the pace of the earth's round, it is already more than a luxury to retreat and simply be. Without demands. Without pressure. Without expectations. We are somewhat proud to be able to give space to precisely this longing with our Lagació. Without haste, in complete privacy and tranquillity, you can enjoy a time in our suites that belongs only to you. And in a landscape that is unparalleled. Unspoilt. Original. And sometimes a little rough and wild. We are well aware of this: The Val Badia is a region dominated by tourism. And yet, day by day, we reflect more and more on this treasure that we are guarding. With sustainable concepts for people and nature. For the preservation of this unique natural jewel. So that all those who live here - even if only temporarily - can enjoy the luxury of its beauty with all their senses. And there is something else that is personally very close to our hearts and, we think, has become a very rare virtue: dedication. A somewhat abstract concept at first glance, it can be felt in every corner, in every interaction here at the Lagació. Uncompromisingly and from the deepest conviction of our hearts, we as hosts allow ourselves the luxury of being completely there for our guests. Whether in housekeeping, in the breakfast kitchen or as concierge: with a keen sense for your wishes, an eye for the smallest details and a love for what we do, we turn your precious holiday time into the most wonderful experience. May we put ourselves to the test? We would be delighted if you visited us at the Lagació - perhaps take a look at our exclusive holiday packages

And if you like: Do write to us how you liked this blog article. What does luxury mean to you? What could you never do without (on holiday)? We are looking forward to hearing your thoughts.