Of culinary roots and delicious flights of fancy

It has always been the kitchen: since time immemorial, family ties have been cultivated, new friendships forged, stories told and body and soul nourished around the hearth and its modern-day descendants.
And so, over the centuries, cooking and eating, being together around the table, became a defining ritual, a wonderful mirror of a society. Here with us in Alta Badia this becomes particularly clear. Due to its remoteness and (high) alpine location, culinary traditions have been preserved unaltered. At the same time, the density of creative, first-class restaurants is enormously high. Proof that Ladin cuisine maintains its roots and at the same time soars to ever new heights. 

BUN PRO with "Bales y Pössl".

Potatoes and barley. Fruit and vegetables from the garden. Salted and preserved meats: the kitchen culture of the Alta Badia still shows what has been painstakingly wrested from nature for generations. As in other alpine valleys, in Val Badia there was always something nutritious and filling on the table for a long time. Long, hard winters made the inhabitants resourceful and true masters in preserving food. If you want to please your hosts: Why not order your favourite dish in Ladin next time? We have compiled a small overview for you here: 

Grestl: Gadertaler Kartoffelgröstel (potato gratin)
Pössl da Pom: Apple pancake
Bales: dumplings
Cajincí arstis: Baked potato fritters
Panicia: Barley soup
Furtaies: Baked yeast fritters
Custëis y craut: Pork nes with cabbage
Turta de poia: Buckwheat cake
Holidays to suit your taste

We at the Lagació are convinced that holidays should be a time without constraints and time pressure. That's why we want to give our guests the opportunity to enjoy when and how they want. But more about that in a moment. Because first we ask you to come to the breakfast table. This is laid out for you daily from 7.30 to 11 am. With everything you could wish for. And a little bit more. If you get a little (or a lot) hungry during the day, there are more than 80 restaurants and pizzerias, more than 40 huts and almost 100 pubs and cafés waiting for you. But we also know that for many of our guests, the holiday is the time to stand together at the cooker. That's why we also offer you very special culinary services at the Lagació. On request, we will put together hand-picked cooking boxes with the best ingredients from the region. Just the way you like it. 

The best restaurants in Alta Badia

From original and delightfully simple to exciting and refined. The top chefs of Alta Badia invite you to dine! Our Private Concierge will be happy to reserve a table for you in one of the best restaurants. What's more: tell us your preferences and we will recommend the gourmet temple that suits you best. As a little foretaste, you can find information about our favourite restaurants in Alta Badia here

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