Sleep in late by all means but breakfast is worth getting up for

You’ll be dreaming about our breakfast all night long, it's so tempting.

Starting the day on the right note will often set your mood for the day ahead. You'll know what we mean because, at the Lagació Hotel Mountain Residence, the start to every day is simply awesome. That's right, with a fabulous, appetising breakfast. In our stylish and elegant breakfast rooms - our Stuben - we put a lot of passion into serving a rich selection of home-made comfitures, a variety of organic breads, genuine cheeses and charcuterie, as well as selected specialties from certified regional and organic producers. Especially energising is the sparkling Grander water - vitalising water - which will let you experience nature's primal force. Whoever celebrates the start to a day on holiday with such relish, will keep this good sensation all day long and ride on it till sundown.

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Fabulous appetising breakfast

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Our Stuben


Nature's primal force

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At 1,500 metres fee from time constraints. Enjoy unashamed luxury. Stay in generously sized suites and delight in a gourmet breakfast that has no rivals. This is the Lagació Hotel Mountain Residence.
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