A blissful, thermal experience

In the LA PALSA wellness area, you will experience a pleasant feeling of being in good hands and a desire to hold on to this moment for as long as possible.

Close your eyes, inhale deeply and gather new force and strength in the Finnish sauna, in the steam room and in the bio sauna. You can experience a wonderful refreshing sensation afterwards in the ice fountain or outdoors in the cool mountain air or you can totally chill out in the restorative relax zone with on a soothing hay bed or in our new hot tub. A glass of refreshing and vitalising Grander water will wake up your senses and give you renewed energy for taking on whatever you have planned. From this moment on, only the present counts. Now, nothing will side-track you. Finally, you can enjoy your own time.
Your day on holiday has been dedicated to physical activities and challenging mountain sports. With tired legs but with a satisfied smile, you finally arrive back at your holiday hotel and are looking forward to relaxing in the LA PALSA wellness centre.