Alpine body treatments, packs in the soft-pack tub and massage ayurveda

Body Treatments
Activating Energy from the Sea – Marine Seaweed Wrap + partial massage
Price: 80.00 €
Duration: 50 Minutes

A potent cellulite wrap with high-quality seaweed. Thanks to precious marine seaweed, this treatment has an intense effect on tissue strength and optimizes the moisture content of the skin. The circulation-promoting effects leave your skin looking rosy and smooth

Deep Alpine Strength – Detoxifying Bath with Alpine Mud
Price: 80.00 €
Duration: 50 Minutes

A “wellness must“ for lovers of alpine tradition. The alpine mud smells distinctively alpine. In combination with natural sediments, it works to detoxify the body through the skin-both invigorating and restorative. Deep, strong care, natural and powerful.


Hay bath
Price: 45.00 €
Duration: 25 Minutes
Be steeped in genuine Tyrolean tradition by taking a hay bath. The secret of this treatment lies in the medicinal alpine herbs contained in the hay. The heat makes the herbs give off their active ingredients to the body, which absorbs the healing and invigorating essences, causing the organism to relax, stimulating blood circulation and alleviating rheumatic complaints and muscle and joint pain.
Straightforward Body Modification – Innovative Cellulite Program
Price: 82.00 €
Duration: 50 Minutes

The Vitalis Massage Resonance Cellulitis is a unique massage technique: Singing bowls and cupping are used in combination with potent natural ingredients that provide efficient, long-term and visible alleviation of the signs of cellulite. Unique features of this massage include an activating foot bath, an invigorating body exfoliation, a stimulating glass cupping treatment and a modulated cellulite massage with singing bowls. To reinforce the effects we recommend that you combine the cellulite program with a seaweed bath for extra hydration and metabolic activation. The very definition of full- body care!