Interview with spa manager Romina: Beautiful people treat themselves to beautiful things.

It should be in the eye of the beholder and (depending on who you ask in which epoch of human history) a virtue worth striving for or an expression of excessive self-centredness:
We would be very interested to know what standards you apply to yourself and others; after all, what we humans consider beautiful is ultimately a highly individual matter. Whether you strive for perfection or have turned your supposed flaws into a charming unique selling point - here at the Lagació, we have a place dedicated to beauty in all its facets: our Spa La Palsa, where Romina tells you what the name means, what kind of treatments we offer and her very personal tip for spring-fresh skin. She is 26 years young and has been part of the Lagació family for 8 years. Her wealth of knowledge, her versatile skills and her empathetic manner have made her not only a guest favourite, but also a spa manager. We are delighted that Romina took the time to answer a few questions:
Firstly, we would like to know. What does "La Palsa" mean and what does this name stand for?
La Palsa is a Ladin word and means "tranquillity" or "time out". But a "palsa" can also be a place. A refuge, far away from everyday life. 

What makes the Lagació a special place for you personally?
The Lagació is not a classic hotel. Everything here is a little smaller and more refined, and you can feel the attention to detail everywhere. I really appreciate that and hope to be able to convey this philosophy in the spa too.

How do you and your colleagues achieve this? 
First of all, we encourage our guests to take some time out in our wellness area. There are various saunas, Kneipp showers, hay beds, cold-water plunge pools, a hot tub and much more. Exercise is particularly good in spring and helps you to recharge your batteries. In addition to our beautiful mountain nature, our fitness room is perfect for this. And then we offer a variety of treatments. Our range extends from massages, body wraps and facial treatments to manicures and pedicures. 

What is your favourite treatment?
My favourite treatment is the Lomi Lomi massage. We focus on slow and rhythmic movements. This allows us to loosen up the muscles and relax them deeply. Our guests are also particularly enthusiastic about our body wraps in the soft pack tub and our massages. 

What significance does beauty have in your life?
For me, a person is beautiful when they feel visibly and noticeably comfortable in their own body and have a certain kind of radiance. At La Palsa, we are happy to help restore this natural balance. 

What is your favourite thing to do when you're not working at La Palsa?
I love being outdoors in the Dolomites. I go skiing in winter and hiking in the warmer months. 

Do you have a secret wellness or beauty tip for at home?
Cold water! If you wash yourself with cold water in the morning and evening, your facial skin will thank you with a youthful freshness, delicate pores and a rosy complexion. 

Read more about our spa offer at La Palsa here. We look forward to seeing you at the click of a button.