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A handful of sentences are enough to make a friend for life, they say. Perhaps you would enjoy learning a few phrases in Ladin before your next holiday in the Lagació? 
The mountains of Alta Badia are like a huge adventure park. Adventurous high-flyers will love the high ropes course or the bouldering centre (bad weather tip!), while the new MTB parks are the perfect place to race against the wind. Even the youngest children can experience nature with all their senses in the region's movimënt parks. A visit to the organic farm is also unforgettable, and the Ursus Ladinicus museum is also really great. Would you like more tips and customised family experiences? Contact us, we will be happy to plan a real dream holiday in the Dolomites with you or for you. 
Iö impari le ladin: make friends in Ladin
Making new friends? A piece of cake! Learning a language? That's a piece of cake! If you think you're miles behind your offspring when it comes to acquiring knowledge or that it's simply impossible to make new friends as an adult, we have to tell you: you're wrong!

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The truth is (and this is scientifically proven) that we adults don't lack brainpower and courage, but simply enough time and the right motivation to give our lives a new lease of life. What do you say we take the plunge together and turn your next holiday in the Dolomites into a multilingual adventure? Take a leaf out of the little ones' book and take a chance: a few words in Ladin are a real door opener here in Alta Badia. Bet that you'll make new contacts in no time and maybe even make some real friends? Why and how the Ladin language is so important to us is something we wrote about here some time ago. But now we want to give you a little homework assignment: Before you next visit us in Alta Badia, learn three of the sentences below. Or six. Or all of them. We would be delighted!

Not just for children: a little dictionary to make friends

Bun dé

My name is Eva, what is your name?
Iö á inom Eva, co aste pa tö inom?

I come from London. 
Iö vëgn da London.

I'm on holiday here.
I feji mies vacanzes chiló.

I live in the Lagació. 
Iö abitai al Lagació

I like the mountains. 
Al me plej les munts

Shall we play? 

My favourite animal is the horse, and yours? 
Le tier che i á plü ion é le ciaval, y tö?

I like walking/cycling/swimming. And you? 
Al me sa bel da jí a pe, jí cun la roda y da nudé, a te pa? 

I'm 10 years old, how old are you? 
I á 10 agn, tan de agn astepa tö?

I am learning Ladin. 
Iö impari le ladin .

I'm in the fourth class. 
I frequentai la quarta tlassa

My favourite food is pizza, and yours? 
Mi mangé preferí é la pizza, le to pa?

Shall we be friends? 
Os ester mi compagn?

Shall we go for an ice cream together? 
Junse a mangé adöm en dlacin?

What is your favourite place in Alta Badia? 
Ciun é pa to post preferí tla Val Badia?

I have a brother, do you have siblings? 
Iö á n fre, as tö fredesc o surus? 

I'll definitely be back next year. 
Proscimo ann vëgni sigü indo.

A se udëi!