Because sometimes it can be a bit more

Draw from the full. Savor the good life with all your senses. Be in the mood for pleasure from head to toe. A vacation is the time to really indulge yourself. Everyday life can make room. This creates space. For wonderful experiences that burn deep into your soul. For moments that will stay with you for a long time.
Our guests keep saying that our house and its surroundings are an experience in themselves. But we wouldn't be us if we didn't put the icing on the cake. We think so: A vacation is there to do exactly what you feel like doing. Individuality, diversity and freedom are high priorities at the Lagaciò. That's why you can expect wonderful experiences, hand-picked adventures that will make your stay something very special. 

For those with a sweet tooth and gourmets

There are few places where love goes through the stomach as much as here in Alta Badia. The area around Alta Badia is a culinary treasure trove. Our Biokistl is no different: filled to the brim with vitamin bombs and healthy pick-me-ups, it provides you with fresh, crunchy fruit and vegetables during your stay. You can pre-order the Biokistl up to one week before your arrival, there are two different sizes available. A true expert in good taste will accompany you through the next experience: treat yourself to a gourmet breakfast! Erika will serve you the finest specialties from the region. Incomparably good: the fresh farmhouse bread.
So beautiful!

A massage is a bit like magic. And our Romina is a magician. With touches as gentle as a feather or - if you wish - powerful grips, she loosens muscles and fasciae and caresses the soul at the same time. Whether it's a sports massage, Thai massage, honey massage or aromatic oil massage, a time-out on Romina's couch is a heavenly experience. A romantic massage for two is a magical moment of pampering for lovers. Enjoy a break from everyday life with your favorite person and treat yourself to valuable time together. Our Dorsalis resonance massage by Vitalis Dr. Joseph is like a soothing ritual. A symphony of touch and sound will have you feeling weightless in no time at all. For outer beauty and an inner glow, we recommend our deep beauty care experience. Highly effective essences and fine tinctures are individually tailored to your skin for even more "glow" and well-being. And because our body is a temple to be cherished and cared for, we recommend Angela's Bodyforming Experience to anyone who wants firm contours and a fine silhouette. For silky-soft skin and the feeling of having been peeled out of an egg.  

For more serenity

"The rhythm of the body, the melody of the mind and the harmony of the soul create the symphony of life". Under this motto, Romy takes you into the fascinating world of yoga. This more than 3,500-year-old Indian teaching is much more than just movement. It is stretching for the soul, a unique method of coming into harmony with yourself and the world. Our yoga experience with Romy is tailored to you and your needs. The yoga teacher will be happy to discuss the program with you personally. But where to take the kids when you're having a good time on the yoga mat? The Lagació also offers unforgettable experiences for the youngest guests. We organize experts for fun, games and lots of good humour who will lovingly look after your little ones. 

Now we want to know: Which experience will be yours? What are you looking forward to on your next vacation at the Lagació? Write to us, we can hardly wait to read from you.