A small Ladin dictionary for your holiday in Val Badia

For us it is the most beautiful language in the world. A heritage that we always carry on our tongues like our hearts. Badiot, ladin de mesa val or marô is the dialect of Val Badia, one of the six language variants of Dolomite Ladin. 
It is also the language of the old times, the sound of a world that no longer exists, turned into words. Sometimes its former radiance still shines through into the present, through old myths and in natural spectacles like the indescribable Enrosadira. Between munt (mountain) and valada (valley) around San Ćiascian, where Lagació is located, Ladin is also highly alive and forward-looking. The best evidence of this is a glance at the menus of the restaurants or an open ear in the direction of the people who live here.  

Lingaz y cultura

There is sometimes great amazement among holidaymakers: for not many of our guests know that a large part of the people here in the Val Badia Dolomites speak Ladin. For guests from the geographical north, South Tyrol already feels very much like "bella Italia" and "dolce vita", while those who come to us in the mountains from the south think they are culturally quite close to Austria. But the fact that there are around 30,000 people in South Tyrol who feel they belong to a (linguistic) minority is not as well known as it should be. We are all the more pleased when guests are interested in us, our lingaz (language) y (and) cultura (culture). Feel free to ask, jump over your shadow! We promise you will learn all kinds of interesting things. For example, something like: "In the fourth century AD, Ladin was the most spoken language in the Alps." Or: "The term Tyrol is a Ladin name and comes from the word "Teriol", which means path". Perhaps you can feel it, we here at the Lagació are on fire, literally on fire for all things Ladin and that is why we would like to make a comment at this point: these lines here are only a fraction of the many facets of the Ladin world of thought, history and reality. There is still so much to tell. If you would like to listen to us, we would be pleased if you subscribe to our newsletter. But now we want to come to the point that has probably lured you here: the little Ladin language course for your holiday with us in Val Badia. Have fun with it!
A handful of nice and useful phrases in badiot

Good day! - Bun dé                                                  
Welcome - Bëgnodüs
Please - prëibel
Thank you - giulan                                                                     
You are welcome - De nia 
Excuse me! - Pordona                             
We speak badiot - Nos baiun badiot
I'm afraid I don't understand you - Me dejplej mo i ne Se capësci nia
I come from ... - Iö vëgn.../Iö sun da...
My name is... - Iö a inom                                                         
I am trying to learn Ladin - Iö pro da imparé le ladin
Bon appétit - Bun pro
Good morning - Bun dé                                          
Good day/afternoon - Bun domisdé= (afternoon) 
Good evening - Buna sëra 
Good night - Buna nöt                                
I'm going hiking today - Incö vai sö pur munt
I love the Dolomites - Iö amai les Dolomites
Where is the toilet? - Olá é pa i servisc?       
How do you say ... in badiot? - Co dijen pa ... por badiot?     
Sunset - Enrosadira
Sunrise - Le ji sö dl sorëdl
Going tobogganing - Ji cun la liösa