5 things you (maybe) didn't know about snow.

Wonderfully beautiful! We can't help but stand there with our mouths wide open and admire the freshly fallen snow splendour in Alta Badia. In everyday life, there is often little time to appreciate the small, big wonders of nature. But a holiday like this is an excellent opportunity to take a closer look.
Will you join us on a journey into the magical world of snow? Here are our 5 favourite facts about the magic powder of winter: Draw from the full. Savour the good life with all your senses. Be in the mood for pleasure from head to toe. A holiday is the time to really indulge yourself. Everyday life can make way. This creates space. For wonderful experiences that burn deep into your soul. For moments that will stay with you for a long time.
#1 Snow makes the world quiet
On some days, winter seems like a pause. Especially when it has snowed overnight, nature seems to wrap itself in an ethereal silence. And it's true: snow "swallows" sound. In other words, snow-covered landscapes appear so quiet because sound waves cannot propagate so well. 

#2 The human fear of snow
Spiders, snakes, crowds of people or darkness - we are all familiar with these fears. But did you know that there are actually people who are afraid of snow? This is called chionophobia. Such chionophobics would be completely out of place here in the Lagació. Because the whole of Alta Badia is covered in a thick blanket of snow. Perfect for skiing, cross-country skiing, sledging, tobogganing, winter hiking ... If you suffer from chionophobia - how about some confrontation therapy with us?

#3 Extraterrestrial snow?!
Our little blue planet is something very special. After all, it has produced wondrous beings like us humans. Perhaps we are the only beings in the entire universe who strap boards under our feet and glide over snow-covered slopes? Unlikely. Because even in our immediate cosmic neighbourhood it occasionally snows. On Mars, Saturn's moon Titan and Jupiter's moon Europa, there is evidence of icy surfaces that resemble our terrestrial snow. 

# 4: Not white at all: snow really is this colour!
Deep down in the south there is a phenomenon called "blood snow". Red snow falls again and again in the Antarctic. This is caused by algae that "bloom" when temperatures are too high and colour the (apparently) white snow. Apparently? Yes! Because the colour "snow white" only exists for the human eye. In reality, it is colourless. 

#5 No two snow crystals are the same
By definition, snow is nothing more than frozen water. When these crystals come together and start their journey out of the clouds, snuggled tightly together, they fall to earth as snowflakes. So far, so familiar. Depending on which researcher you ask, there are up to 8 "categories" with 35 types and up to 121 subtypes of snow crystals. But here's the thing: every snow crystal is unique, despite being "related", there are no twins among snow crystals. 

Do you want to feel as unique as a snow crystal? Then a winter break with us in Alta Badia is just the thing: Wonderful, exclusive winter experiences await you at the Lagació. Tailor-made and just the way you like it! Get in touch with us!