A summer dream for families

Nature is the biggest adventure playground in the world.

It's a good thing that the Lagació Hotel Mountain Residence practically lies in the middle of it. Your children will remain enthralled by the Dolomites.
Children love nature and need it as well. Almost in no other place will they be so lucky and so carefree. They can cavort round, run about, discover new things and simply be children. On your family holiday in Alta Badia this means: out in the fresh air and off to experience new things. Here, you can expect fantastic adventure hikes, nature and discovery tours, farmsteads and animal parks, mysterious places and stories, leisure and play centres, biotopes and glacial lakes, and suspended rope and climbing adventure gardens. No day is the same as the other in this wonderful natural landscape. It will make your eyes bright and put a smile on your face - is there anything more beautiful?