Delightful food in Alta Badia

Dine-Around Gourmet Experience

Four restaurants within just eight kilometers make for a superlative gourmet experience: refined, very special and never to be forgotten.

Burjé 1968

Chef Nicola Laera, assisted by his staff, is a passionate cook. At the base of his dishes are tradition, the choice of the best local products and, of course, a touch of "new".
Ambitious dishes of Italian origin, with some French inspiration, in which more exotic ingredients also participate ...

Restaurant La Stüa de Michil, Hotel La Perla

Our recently renovated restaurant, has always believed in the marriage of traditions and modernity, serving dishes prepared using select, outstanding ingredients. Soft lights, refined centrepieces prepared every day by Mrs Costa, candles and local wooden panelling make this restaurant a timeless ...

Berghotel Ladinia

The word ‘osteria’ reminds of a tavern where there is good life and food and wine aplenty.

And here at Ladinia, also the half board restaurant for our guests, the march of the seasons is reflected also in the cuisine – all good wholesome stuff. Just think of the delight in ...

Cocun Wine Cellar at Ciasa Salares

A 7-course tasting menu by Chef Christian Sainato, following by a chocolate & cheese room visit.

Dine-Around 4 Experience

A culinary journey through Alta Badia: Discover the diverse culinary tradition of our Ladin valley, while traveling along the Four Gourmet Miles.

L´ Ostí

A modern alpine-style location with its refined and light cuisine. The particular dishes created by the young chef Enrico in combination with the olive oil Greta & Sofia makes the whole experience even more special.

Dine Around: A stylish four-course tasting menu by Chef Enrico ...

Restaurant Armentarola

The Chef de cuisine, Franz C., celebrates local & regional top-class cuisine, which will delight you with its organic ingredients from the farms in our neighbouring area, with the fresh herbs from the own garden and most especially by its authentic flavour.

A 4-course tasting menu ...