The GRANDER® Water

The water from the Residence’s own spring is revitalised according to the Grander method.

There is more to water than the chemical formula H2O, Johann Grander says. It is its internal structure that accounts for its special characteristics. This structure determines its microbiological properties: how well it keeps, how susceptible it is to limescale and rust deposits and how beneficial it is for humans, animals and plants. Grander is convinced that water absorbs all positive, negative, natural and man-made influences. Originally pure and full of energy, water loses its vigour on its way to the consumer.

This is proved by the changes in its inner structure. Grander’s water revitalisation technique returns the water molecules to their original, highly ordered state, thus improving water quality. The water is charged with information and becomes vigorous and stable. Nothing at all is added to it or taken from it. Lagació Hotel Mountain Residence furnishes outstanding proof that ecological living and elegant design can form a perfect match, which is what the discriminating guest of our day and age does no longer want to do without.

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