A jewel encased in the mountains

Timeless, wonderful, happy moments. At your hotel in San Cassiano in Alta Badia.

At 1,500 metres, nestling in the middle of the Dolomites shrouded in legend, there is a refuge, emanating a magic that will have you spell-bound. Here, time-honoured tradition meets a contemporary sense of being alive. And undisturbed nature is coupled with carefully arranged human details.

Summer fortifying strength takes over from winter cosiness and so a unique all-embracing experience comes alive. The establishment we are talking about is called the Lagació Hotel Mountain Residence. Leave time pressures behind you and let the natural wellbeing of your hotel in San Cassiano pervade your inner being.

Nosc da ciasa

At 1,500 metres fee from time constraints. Enjoy unashamed luxury. Stay in generously sized suites and delight in a gourmet breakfast that has no rivals. This is the Lagació Hotel Mountain Residence.


Liveliness and enthusiasm are always perceptible at our establishment. With their energy and sparkling spirit, our staff are the heart and soul of the Lagació Hotel Mountain Residence, continuing our philosophy for you.
A team looking after you
"Freedom, happiness, a feeling of belonging: whatever you've been longing for - here it is for you to enjoy!"
Margareth & Pio Canins